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Discover limitless design possibilities with our comprehensive suite of design tools, all conveniently packed into a single, powerful package.

Tools to power your website creation

Capture your audience's attention, tell your story with flair, and deliver an unforgettable web experience that leaves a mark.

Offer immersive and lively user experiences

Parallax effect

With the Parallax effect, you can transform static backgrounds or images into immersive, scrolling experiences that engage your audience like never before. As visitors scroll down your page, the visuals come to life, adding a layer of interactivity and elegance.

Particles background

The Particles feature offers a range of customization options, allowing you to adjust particle shapes, sizes, colors, and movement patterns to match your brand's identity. Whether you want a subtle and elegant effect or a vibrant and dynamic one, you're in control of how these particles interact with your content.

Section divider

Whether it's graceful curves, intricate waves, or bold geometric designs, these dividers provide a seamless transition between different sections of your page, making your content flow beautifully.

Stand out in a crowded digital landscape

Video & gradient

Both Video and Gradient Background options are easily accessible within Elementor's intuitive interface, allowing you to experiment and customize to your heart's desire.

You can seamlessly integrate videos into your sections or rows with the video background option. Whether it's a looping video or a short clip, Elementor empowers you to blend motion into your design effortlessly.

The gradient background feature, on the other hand, lets you infuse your sections with stunning color transitions. From subtle gradients that add dimension to vibrant combinations that evoke emotions.

Sticky content

With sticky content, you can effortlessly make certain elements, like headers, menus, call-to-action buttons, or sidebars, "stick" to the top or bottom of the screen. This means that no matter how far down a visitor scrolls, these key components remain visible, providing a seamless and intuitive navigation experience.

Image mask

Whether you want to frame your images in elegant circles, add depth with geometric patterns, or infuse a touch of creativity, the Mask feature provides endless possibilities for customization.

Liven up your pages with animations

On-entry effects

Whether it's a subtle fade-in, a lively bounce, or an elegant slide, the entrance animation provides a seamless transition that captures attention and guides the user's focus.

Hover interactions

Add a layer of dynamism that engages your visitors and creates a more immersive browsing experience. From graceful fades and intriguing tilts to playful bounces and smooth transitions, these animations transform your widgets into interactive elements.

Lottie animation

With Lottie, you can effortlessly incorporate intricate animations with a lightweight footprint, ensuring fast-loading pages while maintaining stunning visuals. These animations are meticulously designed and smoothly rendered, making your website feel modern and polished.