Global styles in one interface

Advanced Theme Options

Get access to lots of customization options that will allow you to get the look, feel, and branding of your website how you like it without writing a single line of code.

All-in-one theme options panel

Embrace simplicity and precision as you bring your website to life, all thanks to our user-centric theme customization approach.

Layout controls, sidebar options, feature visibility options


Unleash your creativity with a fully customizable blog page that offers both list and grid layouts. Effortlessly switch between these options to curate your content presentation to engage your readers effectively.

  • Classic, horizonal, and grid layouts
  • Control sidebar position and behavior
  • Display floating social sharing buttons


With seamless WooCommerce compatibility, our theme amplifies your store's functionality. Create an online shopping experience that resonates with your brand, allowing you to showcase your products in the best light.

  • Minimal and detailed product box designs
  • Control sidebar and product info position
  • Display floating social sharing buttons


Elevate your online presence with a customizable portfolio page that lets you curate a gallery and tell the story behind your work.

  • Start from scratch or use one of our pre-designed templates for inner pages
  • Display related items allowing users to explore more of your work
  • Effortlessly switch between design options

Seamless integration of external tools and plugins

Adobe Fonts custom typography

Select from an extensive range of font families, curated by Adobe Fonts, and infuse your website with a unique visual identity.

  • Unlimited access to more than 20,000 fonts
  • Set different font sizes, families, and letter spacing

Google Maps

Showcase your business locations, event venues, or any point of interest. Your visitors can easily visualize and interact with your geographic information, making navigation and discovery a breeze.

  • Full map customization: select your map style and find the perfect look
  • Mobile friendly: proper display on any mobile or tablet device
  • Multiple pins: unlimited locations on each map

Stay at the forefront with reliable and frequent updates

Plugin and theme auto-updates

Say goodbye to the hassle of manual updates. The auto-update feature ensures that your site stays current with the latest advancements, features, and bug fixes, all seamlessly integrated without any intervention needed from your end.

  • Bug fixes and enhancements: regular updates keep your site running smoothly, preventing glitches
  • Compatibility assurance: auto-updates often include adjustments to ensure your theme remains compatible with the latest version of WordPress and any integrated plugins
  • Access to new features: take advantage of the latest tools and capabilities to keep your website fresh, engaging, and aligned with current design trends

Maintenance mode

Whether you're making crucial updates or crafting a fresh design, this feature allows you to gracefully manage your website's downtime while keeping visitors engaged and informed.

  • Polished user experience: your visitors will encounter a professional and informative page during periods of updates or redesign
  • Customizable messaging: provide a brief explanation, an estimated time for completion, or a sneak peek of upcoming changes
  • Capture leads: include a subscription form, allowing users to stay informed about your progress